Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Select a major television channel (  e.g BBC1 , Sky News etc.).

Using independent  factual research and available  online resources , create a blog report or powerpoint that explains  the following :

Ownership :   Who owns the channel ? Is it publically owned, part of  a private corporation organisation or independently owned ?  What else is owned by this company ? Are they a national or global company ?

Income generation :  How does the channel make money ? Are the programmes free to view or are viewers charged ?  If free, how does the company who owns this channel make money ? Think about advertising , spinoffs , other products, subscriptions, etc.

Technologies used :  What technologies does this channel use ?Analogue or digital ? Satellite, cable , internet etc. ? Any new or emerging technology ?

Regulation : Which body is responsible for regulating the content of this channel e.g Ofcom?  Are there any other guidelines or rules it must obey ?

Make sure you provide written  evidence of the websites and resources you used ( such as providing links)

DEADLINE  :  Friday May 12